1. You will have new experiences. 
2. You can test ur strength and endurance.
3. You'll expand ur horizons.
4. U can get lost in beautiful places.
5. U can live a dream and still go home.
6. U will have the ride of ur life.
7. U will learn to appreciate ur scooter or car or bike.
8. U will feel on top of the world.
9. U will meet beautiful people.
10. U will learn to fly.
11. You'll overcome new challenge.
12. U will learn to soar.
13. U will get wet and enjoy it.
14. U will find that people are "the same" all over the world. 
15. If u are tired,  u can just hitch a ride.  

So, say goodbye to all ur jealous friends, or just pretend to. 

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